This therapeutic massage uses gentle pressure, passive stretching, compressions, and rhythmic pressing movements along the energy lines and pressure points directed into the tissues of the muscle. Usually conducted on a futon floor mat, Thai massage uses empirical methods to soothe pain, increase flexibility, balance the energy circle of the body, and release muscle stiffness and tensions. A dedicated expert therapist does the body work on your back, limbs, arms, and shoulders using stretches, the therapist uses various techniques on the recipient who lay either face up, face down, seated, or on a single side. Many therapists incorporate yoga asanas during the stretches on the clients based on their comfort levels. Acupressure, joint mobility, and compressive motion help relieve the discomforts of the key stress points through a Thai massage. The level of variation can be taken from very minimal, to balanced, to a little intense depending upon the recipient’s tolerance levels and health condition.