Foot Reflexology connects to the deepest levels of your brain’s neurological system and renders the most calming effect. The foot has more than 15,000 nerves that are connected to the most vital organs and glands of the body like the heart, kidney, liver, digestive system, thyroid glands, reproductive system etc. The reflexology /pressure points on your feet need to be stimulated for better blood circulation and oxygen supply around the body influencing physiological changes. Founded during the ancient Egyptian Civilization, foot reflexology endows the recipient with a great state of relaxation, improved memory, and pain relief. The seven most vital reflexes on your feet that benefit the body when stimulated are:

  • Hypothalamus – Helps control appetite and thirst
  • Pituitary – The master gland that helps in hormonal balance
  • Thyroid Reflex Point – Helps regulate metabolism
  • Solar Plexus/Diaphragm – Helps reduce stress and improve the body’s immunity
  • Adrenal Gland Reflex– Helps in calorie burning and maintain energy levels
  • Urinary system Reflex– Helps protect the Nephrology and Urology functions
  • Colon and Intestine Reflex- Promotion of elimination and prevent bloating

The therapist offers varied pressure manifestations on different reflexology points with slow and uniform movements for a soothing indulgence.